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Hi, I am Rashi, a Data Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield based out of Chicago, and here’s a story of securing my first job and other offers with no prior full-time work experience.

In the ever-expanding technological world of today, there are new job roles posted each day on…

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In the ever-expanding field of Data Science, the competition to lead and survive is tougher than ever. Cutting-edge projects being worked on around the world only makes it hard for Data Scientists to keep up.

Whether you’re in school working on projects for a stellar resume/profile or reinventing yourself mid-career…

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In the rapidly expanding technological world of today, Data Science has become ineffable — something that is so powerful that we can’t even describe its true potential.

If you search LinkedIn for the keywords “data scientist” (quotes are intentional), we will find no less than 100,000 people with that actual…

Rashi Desai

Data Analyst from Chicago // Everyone loves a good story & I tell mine with data!

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