Hone up before you start your job as a data professional

In an exploding field like data, it is very easy to be lost finding your way to become the unicorn. The expanding world of business today demands data wizards to not only excel in technical skills, rather, bring a perfect confluence between soft and hard skills on the table.

Graduating with a major in Data Science & Analytics and working professionally now as a Data Analyst, one transition that only business experience teaches you — incorporating soft skills into your body of work. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the right mindset for the business.


All that you ‘need-to-know’ about AI and ML algorithms

The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been around since the first half of the 20th century. In 1950's, when a young mathematician Alan Turing explored the possibility of existence of artificial intelligence mathematically. 70 years later, today, we trust AI to drive us safely, book restaurants for us, detect presence of cancer cells.

Through these years of success and setbacks, AI flourished. The hype around computational power of machines exploded and a result of which is the information age we now live in.

And so, if you’re looking to begin with an AI framework, this blog will cover popular AI…

The future of tech and business is data: how do we stay relevant!?

In the rapidly expanding world of today, technology is ever-evolving. We are developing at a rate like never before. Time and again, we read these statistics about 90% of the world’s data being generated in the last one or two years, out of which less than 10% is being analyzed right now.

Tech enthusiasts across the globe march towards glorious careers with what’s called the ‘sexiest job’ of Data Scientists and Analysts. Having said that, I am in a different viewpoint when aligning with the demands of the job. …

A comprehensive guide to scraping tweets coherent with Twitter

When it comes to preparing a dataset of tweets to perform data modeling, Twitter has limited options for the data wizards. We are left to a bare minimum of choices while Twitter keeps updating its end support to the various algorithms that existed to do the job. As of June 2021, if you are looking to scrape tweets in millions, you’ve landed at the perfect material!

From January 2021, I was working on a healthcare project to identify the conversations around the COVID-19 vaccine around the world, people’s sentiments, and the popular topics of conversations using the tweets talking about…

A guide that helped me ace my interviews successfully and land job offers!

It’s 2:34 PM on a Friday, you are wrapping up your week to relax on the weekend or are still applying to several applications and you get an email from an HR recruiter asking your availability for the first round of interviews. This is great news! What to do now?

That is the time, you take a pause, plan, and prepare for your interview.

Job search is one of the most challenging processes each one of us goes through. …

7 Ways to Improving Your Data Science Job Offer in 2021

In the rapidly expanding data world of today, Data Scientists are hired at a rate like never before. With the technology advancing each day and ruthless competition to get hired, there are many battles that a candidate fights and wins before landing the offer. As tempting it might be to jump on the first offer given to you, especially for someone trying to break into the data science world — that’s not a great idea!

Whether you are a new hire or an experienced looking for a job change in the field of Data Science, with this blog, we will…

Accelerate your Data Science Career in 2021

In the rapidly expanding world of today, when technology is progressing at a rate like never before, humans tend to generate a lot of data. Data — the new business frontier demands that it be analyzed. Businesses are hiring for data-related roles at an exponential rate. In the past two years, I have come across many people looking for a career change or learn the ecosystem of DATA.

From taking online courses, reading books, learning coding languages — there are various channels to begin your Data Science journey.

I am a Management Information Systems grad at the University of Illinois…

A cheat sheet for interviews at Microsoft, PepsiCo, Charles Schwab, EA, and more...

The new age of technology-driven data has opened up a multitude of opportunities in the data horizon. People interview for data roles all the time. And that makes the job search very competitive. In this world challenging the adverse impacts of the global pandemic, only the best inline gets a chance to be interviewed for a role and to be hired. In such a case, we must prepare well.

In the past two years, I interviewed for a Business Analyst role (2019), Data Engineer role (2019), and Data Scientist roles (2020) with companies as Microsoft, PepsiCo, Charles Schwab, Electronic Arts…

5 skills to master beyond Python.

In the rapidly expanding technological world of today, when data has exceeded millions of billions of bytes, it is crucial that generated data is analyzed and put to further use. Data is now a new chapter of how businesses work.

I comprehend data science to be a process of combining the tools best suited to get the job done; an extraction process where knowledge from data answers a particular question. Not every technologist is passionate about every other skill, but they will be excited about skills from her area of work.

Python (created by Guido van Rossum, released in 1991)…

A beginner’s guide to understanding the TensorFlow landscape

For a long time, I wanted to learn TensorFlow and I finally decided to start learning this month. I used TensorFlow when I was in the robotics team during my undergrad but that was superficial knowledge.

Google developed TensorFlow and it is one of the most popular and widely used libraries for developing and deploying Machine Learning and other algorithms that has a large number of mathematical operations to perform.

Google launched TensorFlow to introduce an ecosystem that provides a collection of workflows to develop and train models, for implementing Machine learning in almost all applications. Actually, we all use…

Rashi Desai

Data Analyst from Chicago // Everyone loves a good story & I tell mine with data!

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