A student’s guide to attending vGHC 2020: FAQs

For all your questions on the virtual Grace Hopper Celebration…

1. Where can we find a list of companies for the career fair?

2. Where to upload my resume?

3. How to stand out on LinkedIn?

4. With 200+ companies, how should I prepare for the career fair?

5. What should my elevator pitch include?

6. How should I reach out to recruiters prior to vGHC?

7. Can I schedule interviews prior to vGHC?

8. How to land a job at vGHC?

9. Being a first-timer, how to get the most out of GHC?

10. What would be some pro tips for vGHC 2020?

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I visualize data | Graduate Student from Chicago who writes blogs | Tech Speaker 🎤 | Dreamer!

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